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Musicals Quiz Two - Theatre, Songs & Character Questions!


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1. In which musical would you hear the words sung, 'kiss today goodbye and point me towards tomorrow'?
2. Tell me it's not True' sung by Mrs Johnstone is a song from which musical?
3. In which musical would you hear the words 'there's no business like show business' sung?
4. Name either of the two musicals that Benny Anderson (ABBA) has co-composed the music for?
5. Which musical has the characters Caractacus Potts and the scary 'Child Catcher'?
6. Good Morning Sunshine', 'Aquarius' and 'Aint Got No' are songs from which musical?
7. Which famous musical celebrated its 25th anniversary in October 2010?
8. Which musical is set in the plains of Serengeti?
9. In which musical would you hear the words sung, 'Anything can happen if you just let it'?
10. What was the name of the girl group in the musical Grease?
11. In which musical would you hear the words sung, 'dammit Janet'?
12. Which musical character has been played by Brooke Shields, Denise Van Outen and Renee Zellweger?
13. Which London West End production was produced partly by Whoopi Goldberg and on Broadway in 2011?
14. What musical tells the story of an American nurse who falls in love with a French Plantation owner during WWII?
15. Who, in 1979, composed the Tony award-winning Broadway musical Sweeney Todd?
16. The Perfect Year', 'Greatest Star of All' and 'With One Look' are songs from which musical?
17. Name the rival gangs in West Side Story?
18. The characters Captain Walker, The Acid Queen and Cousin Kevin can be found in which musical?
19. What is the surname of Dolores from the film and musical, Sister Act?
20. Which famous musical featured the song 'Popular'?

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Musicals Quiz - All types of Broadway and Westend Musicals

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