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1. What name was given to Lord Voldemort at birth?
2. Who gave Harry his Firebolt?
3. What is Harry's Patronus?
4. When Harry gained full possession of the Elder Wand, what did he use it for?
5. At what address did Harry live with Vernon and Petunia Dursley?
6. What is the name of Argus Filch's cat?
7. Which magical creature reveals that he has stopped letters being sent to Harry and offers them to him if he agrees to not return to Hogwarts?
8. What does Molly Weasley send to Ron Weasley after learning that he and Harry drove the flying car to Hogwarts?
9. How long does Hermione leave the Polyjuice potion to brew?
10. What is the name of the sulking ghost who lives in a bathroom within Hogwarts?
11. Who was kidnapped by the heir of Slytherin?
12. Which village are 3rd Year students at Hogwarts allowed to visit with a parent/guardians permission?
13. What is the name of the teacher at Hogwarts who can predict future events using tea leaves?
14. What type of magical creature/species is Buckbeak?
15. Who is the black dog that appears to Harry in the Chamber of Secrets?
16. Which spell conjures up 'The Dark Mark' in the air?
17. What was the first task in the Triwizard tournament?
18. Who was murdered by Peter Pettigrew with the Killing curse, on the orders of Voldemort, in the maze?
19. What is the address of the Black family house being used as headquarters for Order of the Phoenix?
20. When Professor Umbridge is appointed as High Inquisitor what is the name of the rules and regulations she installs?

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