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This is the sixth Easter round quiz of ten which includes enjoyable Easter questions from all over the globe. A free on-line website for testing your general knowledge of Easter and different Paschal traditions.

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We have many different questions on Easter dates, traditions, gifts, characters, ...and various others for you to guess - some more challenging than others. Click through to our answer sheets for the correct answers!

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 Easter - Round Six Quiz Questions  

1. Approximately how many weeks after Ash Wednesday is Maundy Thursday?
2. At Jesus’ trial, when he was blind folded and hit, what was Jesus asked to do?
3. Easter is followed by a fifty-day period called?
4. How are Easter eggs said to be distributed to children on Easter Sunday in French folklore?
5. How many apostles were still in attendance at the end of the Last Supper?
6. In Germany, the Ostereierbaum refers to which Easter tradition?
7. In which year was the Easter Act passed in the United Kingdom?
8. Påske is the name for Easter in which language?
9. 'Pieces of Easter' is a 2013 film by which director?
10. The Easter Triduum refers to which 3 days at Easter?
11. The monarch, James II, was the last monarch to do what for the poor on Maundy Thursday - an act of humility previously performed by Jesus?
12. To what garden did Jesus go after the last supper?
13. Which famous bunny has regularly tormented Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam?
14. What is the name given to the day before Maundy Thursday?
15. What type of furry animal is linked to Easter time?
16. What were the second to last words uttered by Jesus when on the cross?
17. Which date is the earliest date in the calendar that Easter Sunday can take place?
18. Which James Bond actor provides the voice for January Q. Irontail in 'Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie'?
19. Who did Jesus ask to come down from a tree when passing through Jericho on his way to Jerusalem?
20. In the Christian worship song, complete the line "Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down, here I am to say that ………"?

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