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 Easter - Quiz Questions  

1. A 'Crucession' is a procession headed by which symbolic object?
2. At the Last Supper, what food did Jesus liken to his body?
3. Does Easter fall on the same dates every year?
4. Easter Island belongs to which South American country?
5. How many days does Lent last for?
6. What day precedes Ash Wednesday?
7. How was Jesus fastened to the cross?
8. What symbol of the empty tomb is commonly decorated at Easter by kids?
9. In the Easter song, Lord of the Dance, on which day did the “world turn black”?
10. What comes first Easter Week or Holy Week?
11. Jelly beans are enjoyed in many countries at Easter time, but what is the most popular flavour of Jelly bean in the US?
12. Jesus prophesized that Peter would deny him how many times?
13. On the side of which hill was the garden of Gethsemane?
14. Pascua is the name for Easter in which language?
15. Signed on Good Friday, 10 April in 1998, what other name is the 'Good Friday Agreement' know as?
16. What came first, Jesus' crucifixion, resurrection or the Last Supper?
17. The 'Easter parade' is an American cultural event consisting of a festive strolling procession on Easter Sunday. People traditionally dress in new and fashionable clothing but what item of clothing do ladies' strive to impress others with?
18. What happened to Jesus on Easter Sunday?
19. Which job did Zacchaeus hold in the bible?
20. What sweet objects are commonly 'hunted' by children at Easter time?

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