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Welcome to the-quiz.com's 9th Quiz on Easter! If you wish to start from the beginning, click on the Questions with Answers link below and go from Round One! There's a selection of easy to read and quick Easter quizzes for you to have fun with. There are also separate lists with answers, at no cost! Produced for enjoying with family, friends, colleagues and groups.

This is the second from last Easter round quiz of ten which includes a range of questions relating to counties from around the world. A Free Online tool for testing your knowledge of the wonder of Easter and the many different Easter traditions.

Prepare and print a quiz of your own by visiting each free round of questions and answers! Play quiz games and have fun contesting others for the answers to questions on Easter, Christmas, celebrities, films, literature, science, history, the environment and geography! Free facts for quizzes.

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Questions about dates, characters, traditions, gifts at Easter time. Ranging in difficulty with some more challenging than others. Visit our answer sheets for the full researched answers!

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 Easter - Round 9 Quiz Questions  

1. After Peter sliced off the ear of the high priest's servant, how did Jesus heal the ear?
2. At what hour did darkness come over the whole land after the crucifixion?
3. During the reading of the Paschal homily, do the congregation normally stand or sit?
4. In the Easter song, Lord of the Dance, complete the line “They cut me down and ....”?
5. In which city was Jesus' body buried?
6. Instead of 'hello', how is one to greet another if exchanging the Paschal greeting?
7. Páscoa is the name for Easter in which language?
8. Saint Ambrose of Milan is attributed with which Easter proclamation?
9. The 'Easter Epic' is a nickname given to a 1987 National Hockey League Stanley Cup Playoff game in the USA between the New York Islanders and which other national hockey team?
10. The popular dish 'Angelino' is enjoyed at Easter each year in Italy, but what is it?
11. To which disciple did Jesus say ‘the cock will not crow until you have denied me three times’?
12. What garden in the bible is located at the base of the Mount of Olives?
13. What name is given to the first day of Easter Week?
14. What types of bean are traditionally eaten at Easter time, Baked, Runner, Jelly or Soy?
15. When Jesus had died on the cross, what natural phenomenon occurred?
16. Which 2008 comedy film, directed by Matthiew Klinck, featured two blue-collared Easter bunnies that get fired from their jobs?
17. Which judge at Jesus' trial authorized the crucifixion of Jesus?
18. Which two apostles were the first to visit Jesus' empty tomb?
19. Who came down from heaven to Jesus' tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it?
20. Who wrote the popular Easter song "How Great Is Our God"?

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