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You'll find questions on Easter dates, meals, characters, traditions, the bible ...and much more for you to guess - with levels of difficulty. See our printable answer sheets for all the answers to the questions below!

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 Easter - Round Eight Quiz Questions  

1. Christians fast during Lent for 40 days to replicate which biblical event?
2. Easter Day in the year 2000 fell on 23rd April - the same day which European country celebrates its Nation Beer Day?
3. How long does Eastertide last?
4. How many alternating kisses are exchanged after the Paschal greeting at Easter?
5. In which country would you find the "Salubong" (wherein large statues of Jesus and Mary are brought together to meet) celebrated at dawn on Easter morning?
6. In which three languages was 'Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews' written on a notice at Jesus' cross?
7. Pääsiäinen is the name for Easter in which language?
8. The Bible records two processions in the first Holy Week. The first was on Palm Sunday as Jesus was welcomed to Jerusalem, but when did the second take place?
9. The Easter egg is a symbol of what burial chamber?
10. What is the name given to the street in Jerusalem where Jesus walked his path, carrying the cross, on his way to crucifixion?
11. What is the name given to the Thursday before Easter Day?
12. What liquid, other than water, was offered to Jesus on the cross?
13. What name is given to the Saturday that falls between Good Friday and Easter Sunday?
14. What name was given to those who took Jesus' dead body, embalmed it with aloes and myrrh, wrapped it in clean linen, and placed it in a tomb?
15. What type of hunt traditionally takes place on Easter Day - Fox, Wild Grouse, Bear or Egg?
16. What type of willow is often used as a substitution for Palm branches on Palm Sunday by Russian Orthodox, Ruthenian, Polish, Bavarian and Austrian Roman Catholics?
17. True or False? The Pace Egg Plays are traditional village plays, particularly in Lancashire and West Yorkshire, in which St George smites all challengers and the fool, Toss Pot, rejoices.
18. Which actor played the role of detective John Prudhomme in the 1999 Easter horror film, Resurrection?
19. Which types of flower are traditionally exchanged on Easter Day?
20. Which 19th Century clergyman, professor and writer wrote the poem "Easter Week"?

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