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These new answers for questions should have you guessing no matter what your age and where you visit us from around the world. Free and Fun Easter facts and stories for all members of the family - celebrate Easter with a new Quiz! Learn the dates of Easter, Traditions and strange Customs from around the globe.

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Quiz Answers - Easter Trivia!

  Easter Quiz Answers Ten  

1. Easter
2. ‘Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews'
3. Estonian
4. Lent
5. Flying of Kites
6. Johannesburg, South Africa
7. In an Upper room in Jerusalem
8. Venerable Bede
9. Jessica
10. Calvary
11. To and From!
12. Paul Rudd
13. He kissed Him
14. The Mount of Olives
15. Egg rolling
16. True
17. Mary Magdalene
18. James, John and Peter
19. Nebraska's Easter City
20. Easter Eggs


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