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These are the Answers to the 6th Easter Quiz round. If you want to visit our question page, please use the link below. We have lots of quizzes for you to enjoy and to help grow your knowledge of Easter. A perfect game for bible study groups, family gatherings and church quiz nights at Easter time.

Test yourself with all new answers for questions. New Easter facts for quizzes! Learn about the dates of Easter, customs of different nations and traditions from around the world.

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Quiz Answers - Easter!

  Easter Quiz Answers Six  

1. 6 weeks
2. Prophesy who had hit him
3. Eastertide or the Easter Season
4. By Church Bells
5. Eleven (11)
6. Decorating the Easter egg tree
7. 1928
8. Danish and Norwegian
9. Jefferson Moore
10. Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday
11. Wash their feet
12. Gethsemane
13. Bugs bunny
14. Spy Wednesday
15. Bunny
16. "It is finished."
17. March 22nd
18. Roger Moore
19. Zacchaeus
20. You're My God


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