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Welcome to the-quiz.com's Easter Quiz! Made for those who enjoy playing quizzes at this special time of year. We have made ten free and quick Easter Quizzes for you to attempt and provided separated lists of the correct answers!

You have reached the Answers page to the seventh Easter Quiz round. Should you wish to start from the beginning, please follow the link below to the main Easter section. There are lots of fun quizzes for you to play and to test your knowledge. Use our quizzes for bible study, church quiz nights and family gatherings at Easter time.

All new answers to fresh questions. Fun and free Easter facts and stories for all the family! Learn about Easter traditions and different worldwide Paschal customs.

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easter quiz 7 answers



Quiz Answers for Easter!

  Easter Quiz Answers 7  

1. The Salzburg Easter Festival
2. He hung himself
3. At dawn
4. Wine
5. Cyprus
6. "Truly, He is Risen" or “He is Risen, indeed!”
7. Three (3) times
8. Gregorian Calendar
9. Jerusalem
10. Sunrise
11. Dutch
12. Spring/Dawn
13. Triodion
14. Easter Monday
15. Junior
16. Melissa Joan Hart
17. Peter & John
18. Lent
19. Simon of Cyrene
20. Martin Luther


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