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Try these all New Answers for Questions. Fun and free Easter Facts for all to learn and enjoy - share the Easter trivia and mark this special time of year! Learn about the dates of Easter, food and drink from different countries, along with traditions and customs from other continents.

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Quiz Answers for Easter Quiz!

  Easter Quiz Answers 9  

1. By touching it
2. The sixth hour
3. Stand
4. I leapt up high"
5. Jerusalem
6. "Christ is Risen!"
7. Portuguese
8. The chanting of the Exultet
9. Washington Capitals
10. Roasted Lamb
11. Peter
12. Gethsemane
13. Easter Day or Easter Sunday
14. Jelly
15. There was an earthquake
16. Hank and Mike
17. Pontius Pilate
18. John and Peter
19. An Angel of the Lord
20. Chris Tomlin


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