Easter Quiz Answers Eight


You have reached the 8th round Answers to our Easter Quiz! If you would prefer to begin at the start, click through to the main Easter section via the link below the answers. These quizzes have been produced for the folks that love playing quizzes during Easter vacation. There's a number of free quick Easter Quizzes for you to enjoy, along with lists of answers on individual pages!

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Test yourself with all new Easter answers to questions. Fun and free facts for all ages - celebrate Easter with a testing quiz! Learn more about the dates of Easter, traditions and different customs from around the World.

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Quiz Answers at Easter!

  Easter Quiz Answers Eight  

1. Jesus spending 40 days in the wilderness
2. Germany
3. 50 days
4. Three (3)
5. Philippines
6. Aramaic, Latin, and Greek
7. Finnish
8. As Jesus carried the cross to Calvary
9. Jesus' empty tomb
10. The Via Dolorosa/Way of Grief/Way of Suffering
11. Maundy Thursday
12. Vinegar
13. Holy Saturday
14. Myrrhbearers
15. Egg Hunt
16. Pussy willow
17. True
18. Christopher Lambert
19. Easter Lilly
20. Charles Kingsley


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