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1. What Disney film released in 2010 retells the classic fairytale Rapunzel?
2. What is the name of Woody's owner in Toy Story?
3. In which Disney film will you hear the song 'Zero To Hero'?
4. Whose tea party does Alice attend?
5. The villain, Sid Phillips, appears in which 1995 Disney film?
6. What Disney film released in 2007 was half animated and half acted by real actors, featuring Susan Sarandan?
7. Name the Disney character that sang, 'One Day My Prince Will Come'?
8. What puts Snow White into a deep sleep?
9. What type of animal is a Flounder ?
10. What helps the medicine go down, in Mary Poppins?
11. Which Disney character wants to be a 'real' boy?
12. In which 1995 Disney film would you find Mr Potato Head voiced by Don Rickles?
13. What does Kaa in the Jungle Book do with his eyes?
14. Name the sidekick of Disney character, Timon?
15. Name the well known Disney pair, Tarzan and (whom)?
16. Which character, in the film Dumbo, sings the song 'Baby Mine'?
17. Which Princess is in the Disney classic Aladdin?
18. 'Heigh-Ho' is a song from which Disney film?
19. In which 1998 Disney film will you find the villain, Shan-Yu?
20. What does Sebastian the crab want Eric to do to Ariel in The Little Mermaid?

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