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1. Which Hollywood comedian voiced the Genie in Aladdin (1992)?
2. The villain, Prince John, appears in which 1973 Disney film?
3. What is the name of Disney's 1940 musical masterpiece which combines classical music and animation?
4. In the film Finding Nemo, which city and country has Nemo been taken to?
5. Which 1973 animated Disney film has its main character played by a fox?
6. What is the name of Mickey Mouse's Disney partner?
7. In which Disney film will you find the villain, Ursula?
8. Which Disney character sings the song 'Mother Knows Best'?
9. What English City do Peter Pan and Wendy fly over?
10. In which Disney film does Angela Lansbury play a witch?
11. What Disney film contains the classic song 'Be our Guest'?
12. Who keeps a watchful eye over Cinderella making her dreams come true?
13. 'One Jump' is a song from which Disney film?
14. Which Disney film starts in the underwater world of Australia's Great Barrier Reef?
15. The villain, Randall Boggs, appears in which Disney film?
16. In which Disney film will you hear the song 'He's a Tramp'?
17. What is the name of Simba's Disney partner?
18. Which Disney character sings the song 'Who's Been Painting My Rose Red'?
19. What type of animal is Kaa from The Jungle Book?
20. In which city is the 2007 Disney film Ratatouille based?

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