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This is the first capitals round quiz of five which includes questions relating to country capitals from all over the world. A free online site for practising  knowledge of different cities capitals.

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Questions for the Capitals Quiz!


 Capitals - Countries and States Quiz Questions  

1. What is the capital of Ukraine?
2. If you were in Belgrade, which country's capital city would you be in?
3. Where will you find the Colosseum and Trevi fountain?
4. In which country would you find the capital city of Bogota?
5. Which capital US city is abbreviated by the letters R.I.?
6. Bishkek is the capital city of which country?
7. The Brandenburg Gate is a main symbol in which European Country's capital city?
8. Name the capital city of Afghanistan?
9. If you were in Mbabane, which country's capital city would you be in?
10. Which capital city can be found in Uzbekistan?
11. Windhoek is the capital city of what African country?
12. The Danube river runs through 4 capital cities (more than any other river in the world). Name three?
13. The Manzanares river runs through which European capital city?
14. Name the capital city of Belgium?
15. What is the largest city in Sweden?
16. Little Rock is the capital of which US state?
17. What is the capital city of the state of Idaho?
18. If you were in the capital city of Lansing, which US state would you be in?
19. What is the capital of Gabon?
20. What is the largest city in Kentucky, USA?

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