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Quiz Answers - Bible!

  Bible Quiz Answers One  

1. Sixty Six (66)
2. Thirty Nine (39)
3. Twenty Seven (27)
4. 2nd Epistle of John (by number of verses: 13) 3rd Epistle of John (by number of words)
5. Psalms (150 Chapters))
6. Psalm 117 (2 verses)
7. Psalm 119 (176 verses)
8. John 11 v 35 (2 words: “Jesus wept”)
9. Esther 8 v 9 (78 words)
10. Psalm 118
11. Genesis
12. Revelation
13. Matthew
14. Malachi
15. 1611
16. King James
17. “In the beginning”
18. Gospel of John
19. Hebrew
20. Greek


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